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How to store chocolate at home!

How to store chocolate at home.


Chocolate is a sensitive product that can become a victim to its surroundings… it sounds dramatic, we know… but we take our chocolate storing very seriously (and so should you!)


We’re going to help you out by giving you the best tips for keeping your chocolate not only safe from melting, but keep fresh for longer.


Firstly - don’t refrigerate!


We know a lot of people prefer their chocolate cold straight out of the fridge, but it is risky for multiple reasons.


  • Chocolate loves absorbing the smells it is surrounded by, so if you’ve got strong smelling ingredients or meals in the fridge, don’t be shocked when you realise you can taste them the next time you eat some chocolate from the fridge.


  • A fridge is full of moisture and this is something that doesn’t mix well with chocolate. Moisture can lead to ‘sugar bloom’ which is when the sugar crystals inside of the chocolate raise to the surface and create white spots. It doesn’t change the taste of the chocolate, but it will certainly make it look a little strange.


Keep chocolate in cool, dark, dry place.


  • When we say cool, we don’t mean cold. A ‘cool’ place is around 18c that is out of direct sunlight. A drawer in the kitchen or a cupboard in the pantry is normally the perfect location (just make sure it’s high enough so no one can find your stash!)


Keep the chocolate in an air-tight container or bag.


  • This is the case with chocolate, just as it is with most foods. Keeping your chocolate goodies in an air-tight container or bag will make the flavour hold stronger for longer and keeps it safe from nearby smells and flavours. Luckily for you, all Coated bagged products come in a resealable pouch for extra-long freshness!


In case of emergency, store in the fridge.


  • When summer time rolls around, there’s some days where you simply cannot keep your chocolates at a room temperature of around 18c. If this is the case, then your only option is to move them into the fridge. But when you do, make sure you protect your chocolate from the smelly neighbours in the fridge by either wrapping them in cling-wrap or putting them in an air-tight bag or container. Once the hot weather has subsided, return to room temperature for at least an hour before consuming.


Of course, we recommend eating your chocolates sooner rather than later, you just can’t beat the taste and mouth feel of fresh chocolate. However, if you need to hang on to you treats for some time, you’re lucky that most chocolates have quite a long shelf life. Be sure to follow the tips above and you’ll be guaranteed to prolong the freshness of your chocolate.

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