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welcome to coated australia

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Coated Australia came to life because of a sweet surprise I (Matt) whipped up for my fiancée (Tara) during one of our getaways in regional Victoria. Picture this: soft, fluffy marshmallows hugged by layers of rich milk chocolate. It was a simple delight that we couldn't resist.

So, naturally, we decided to recreate it back home. And as our passion for these treats grew, we ventured into crafting other beloved goodies like raspberries, snakes, chewy caramels, bananas, frogs, and more.

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Our sweet success

This time around, we decided to spread the joy with our friends and family, and unsurprisingly, the chocolates disappeared in no time. The resounding feedback? "You need to start selling these!" Chocolate has been a part of my life since childhood, thanks to my family's chocolate business spanning over 35 years. After working alongside them for 15 years, I've witnessed firsthand the magic of quality, Australian-made chocolate on people's spirits.

Tara, with her creative flair as a content producer and video editor for a major Australian television network, coupled with her confessed love for chocolate, is the perfect match to handle all the tantalizing social media content for Coated Australia.

welcome to coated australia

And now we're on a mission...

Tara and I are joining forces to share these very creations with the rest of Australia. Based in Melbourne, we’re a chocolate-loving, family-owned business with a mission as simple as the idea we began with - we just want to make someone’s day.

Chocolate coated marshmallows in milk chocolate scattered on a pink background.